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contribution address: 0xA09FDff7A66CD1D1c6eC97B78716385d4CB6E13d

token sale is live

xvg or xmr contributors


secret god

Secret God is a discreet decentralized society born from blockchain


that we exist together at this moment, that we find kinship among such forces, is reason enough to seek one another so we might bring vision, shape, and prosperity to our new world


TOKEN OFFERing: 3000000 SGD

reserve / LOCKED / burn: 14%

hard cap: 16k Eth

sale Begins: february 5, 2018

sale Ends: march 20, 2018

contribution eth address: 0xA09FDff7A66CD1D1c6eC97B78716385d4CB6E13d

verge and monero contributors contact for instructions

Conditions OF the sale


Contribution Caps

The sale is to take place with a traditional hard cap and fluid soft cap. The hard cap is the contribution limit that can trigger the end of the sale. The fluid soft cap is the contribution level that may conclude the sale. Sale conclusion may be triggered by certain events or lackthereof, which can include the rate of contribution, the amount of contribution, the amount of contribution in ETH against the exchange rate in USD, and other factors. If internal milestones are not met, or met at an unacceptable rate, we may conclude the sale at our discretion and return contributions. This may include a rate indicating an uneven distribution. If the sale ends in this manner, contributions may be returned or the distribution of SGD tokens will begin. The hard cap correlates to the fiat initiation fee [USD $50000] to be implemented for non-holders in Q4 2018. Contributions submitted above the hard cap will be returned.


Exchange Rate

Tokens are distributed in proportion to the submitted contribution against the pool of tokens for sale, which is 3000000 SGD.


Token Redemption Utility and Locked Tokens

Purchase of SGD tokens grant the holder the right to redeem for membership in Secret God. All redeemed tokens are periodically and transparently burned. Of the total outstanding 3500000 SGD tokens, 500000 are held for bounties, partnership incentives, locked for future sale, or may be burned.


Token Distribution

The SGD token exists on the Ethereum blockchain and will be distributed after the conclusion of the sale. Tokens will be sent to the wallet that made the contribution. You are responsible for the security of your own wallet and tokens. Tokens may be available for trading on exchanges once all contributor tokens are delivered.



All sales are final. Purchasing SGD tokens should not be considered an investment, nor should you contribute more than you can afford to lose. Individuals residing in states or countries where ICO participation is outlawed should not participate in the sale. Please carefully read the white paper for more information about the sale and how to redeem tokens for Secret God before you contribute. DO NOT send contributions from an exchange wallet.

the future

OCtober 2017

  • Research and feasibility analysis
  • Industry consultation and initial hires
  • Strategic planning


  • White paper finalized
  • Legal and compliance review
  • Team buildout

December 2017

  • Technical review
  • Finalized design
  • Site build

JANUARY - february 2018

  • Token creation
  • Official announcement of project
  • Bounty program
  • SGD Initiation Token Sale begins

march 2018

  • SGD Initiation Token Sale concludes
  • Independent audit
  • Token distribution to sale and bounty participants
  • 50% of reserve tokens distributed or burned
  • DEX listings
  • Community outreach
  • Announce redemption incentives
  • First SGD redemption period and periodic token burn


  • Begin redemption incentive distribution
  • Major exchange listing
  • Announce first annual meeting, initiations, and convocation events
  • Hub site build and audit
  • Pursue partnerships in decentralized internet and governance
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Bylaws finalized

Summer / Fall 2018

  • Hub launch with integrated secure channels
  • First Redeemer initiation ceremony
  • Complete bylaws and physical distribution
  • FIRST CONVOCATION (Confirmed Token Redeemers)
  • Annual Governance and Structure Review
  • Begin periodic revenue share for all Redeemers
  • Secret God community project solicitations
  • Remaining reserve tokens unlocked or burned
  • Begin accepting direct Redeemer Initiation fees; USD$50000

2019 and beyond

  • Revisit burn and buyback feasibility
  • Revisit membership expansion/caps
  • Permanent facility for Confirmed Redeemers
  • Vote on additional non-voting tiers
  • Select additional facility locales
  • Charitable initiatives, to be determined by all Redeemers
  • Legacy/multigenerational initiation system
  • Wealth management service
  • Startup accelerator and angel fund
  • Fiat-based Redeemer Initiation fee increases to USD$100000

ABOUT the society

Secret God is the evolution of a decentralized collective that counts contributors around the world




Verge and Monero:


email updates




contribution address: 0xA09FDff7A66CD1D1c6eC97B78716385d4CB6E13d