the initiation token sale is complete. SGD token distributions begin april 4. redemptions commence thereafter. special thanks to early supporters and all in the crypto community.

contract address: 0x4416FCE5Df8AA1336ba1D2D4cD71D213a01940A7

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2017 q4


  • research and feasibility analysis
  • industry consultation and initial hires
  • strategic planning
  • whitepaper finalized
  • legal and compliance review
  • technical review
  • finalized design

2018 q1


  • token creation
  • official announcement of project
  • bounty program
  • SGD initiation token sale begins
  • SGD initiation token sale concludes

2018 q2


  • independent audit
  • sgd distribution
  • 50% of reserve tokens distributed or burned
  • DEX listings
  • community outreach
  • announce redemption incentives
  • first redemption period and token burn

2018 q2


  • begin redemption incentive distribution
  • major exchange listing
  • announce initiation and convocation events
  • hub build and audit
  • pursue relevant partnerships
  • marketing initiatives
  • bylaw proposals finalized

2018 q3 / q4


  • hub launch with integrated secure channels
  • first redeemer initiation ceremony
  • complete bylaws and physical distribution
  • first convocation [confirmed redeemers]
  • annual governance and structure review
  • begin periodic revenue share for all redeemers
  • community project solicitations
  • remaining reserve tokens unlocked or burned
  • fiat-based membership fee: usd$50000

2019 and beyond


  • fully functioning DAO
  • revisit burn and buyback feasibility
  • revisit membership expansion/caps
  • permanent facility for confirmed redeemers
  • vote to create non-voting tiers
  • additional facility locales
  • charitable initiatives determined by redeemers
  • legacy/multigenerational initiation system
  • wealth management, accelerator, angel fund
  • fiat-based membership fee: usd$100000

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